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Prince Harry

Know your status and get an HIV test, says Prince Harry Prince Harry has urged people to “know your status” and “go and get a test” for HIV. And the Duke of Sussex said he wants to continue his mum’s “unfinished” work in removing the stigma around the virus. His comments come as figures show that for the first time in 10 years, the number of new HIV diagnoses among heterosexuals is higher than for gay and bisexual men in England. Prince Harry was speaking as part of National HIV Testing Week. On the Tackle HIV podcast he spoke with Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas, who lives with HIV, about how normalising HIV testing could help achieve the goal of ending new HIV cases in the UK by 2030. As a result of the pandemic, there has been a 33% drop in heterosexuals getting STI tests. This is compared to a 7% decrease among gay and bisexual men. Sexual health charity...

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HIV/Aids: Dispelling the myths and changing attitudes

From The Press and Journal  by Ellie House January 10, 2021, 1:15 pm The screen flickers to life as the voice-over echoes, and sinister music climbs to a frenzy. A horror movie perhaps, as dramatic scenes show exploding lava and an avalanche of rocks. “There is now a danger which has become a threat to us all,” warns actor John Hurt, deadpan and serious. Rock is chipped away by a chisel and a gravestone looms into view. There is one final warning as a white lily is dropped on to a coffin lid and a single death knell rings out. It is 1986, and public information films concerning HIV/Aids are commonplace. Fast forward a few decades and we are now far more educated about HIV, both as a society and within the world of medicine. Treatment has moved on, as has public opinion. But the legacy and subsequent stigma from the...

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Drop in for a 121 chat

Trained members of Our Positive Voice Grampian are hosting confidential online drop in sessions in lead up to World Aids Day on 1st December. Anyone can drop in for a chat, ask ANY questions and / or seek peer support, if needed. We use the secure and confidential NHS Attend Anywhere call system where you can opt to do a video or voice chat.  If you would like a chat, go to during one of the sessions below. We also offer peer support for anyone living with or affected by HIV every Thursday morning. Date Day Start End 24-Nov-2020 Tuesday 1400 1600 25-Nov-2020 Wednesday 1900 2100 26-Nov-2020 Thursday 0900 1200 27-Nov-2020 Friday 1900 2100 28-Nov-2020 Saturday 1000 1200 29-Nov-2020 Sunday 1400 1600 30-Nov-2020 Monday 1400 1600 01-Dec-2020 Tuesday 090014001900 110016002100 After clicking the button “Start Video Chat” a new window will appear and it will quickly do a connection...

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Peer Support available during Covid-19 crisis

Our Positive Voice (Grampian) is still able to provide peer support during the current crisis either over the phone or by video. If you would like to talk to one of our team, please email to arrange an appointment. Please provide your contact details and whether you would like to have a phone call or a video call. (We use NHS AttendAnywhere video conferencing software for our video support which is completely secure.)

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