Mission Statement

Our Positive Voice (Grampian) is the collective voice of people living with HIV/AIDS in Grampian, Scotland, manifesting the solidarity, power and unity of an emerging and fast growing HIV patients’ movement worldwide.

Our Positive Voice (Grampian) aims to capture and amplify the distinct, unique and experienced voice of people living with and affected by HIV, and to champion the fact that this community are often experts at living with HIV.
Our mission is to provide a strong and united voice to put people living with and affected by HIV at the centre of regional, national and international policies and programmes.

Our Positive Voice (Grampian) wants to achieve its mission by

  • Lobbying for the inclusion of people living with HIV in all aspects of their own care, including carers where appropriate
  • Working in coalition with health care practitioners who are interacting with people living with HIV to ensure the best health and social care outcomes
  • Working in coalition with significant stakeholders
  • Sharing through capacity building the unique experience of living with HIV
  • Linking people living with and affected by HIV through communication and knowledge sharing
  • Ensuring that suitable, high quality and accessible services are available to people living with HIV in Grampian
  • Linking up with other patient forums to share information and best practice and learn from each other
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