Fast Track Cities

Fast Track Cities is a global initiative to end the transmission of HIV by 2030

Aberdeen signed up to the Fast-Track Cities initiative on the 2nd September 2019, with the Lord Provost, Cllr Barney Crockett officially signing the Paris Declaration in February 2020. Our Positive Voice (Grampian) was instrumental in getting Aberdeen to sign up and become the second city in Scotland to become part of the global partnership. Aberdeen’s Fast Track Cities Leadership Group have worked hard to develop a High-Level Strategic Plan, and manageable actions to end stigma across the city. 

There are currently four cities in Scotland signed to Fast Track Cities, Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Aberdeen was the only Scottish Fast Track City Group to continue to meet (virtually) during the pandemic in 2020.

The main goals for all of Scotland’s Fast-Track Cities are: 

  • to sustain and exceed the UNAIDS’s 95:95:95 HIV targets (95% of people living with HIV knowing their status, 95% of people with diagnosed HIV on treatment, 95% of people on treatment with suppressed viral loads)
  • to end new HIV infections in the city by 2030
  • to eliminate HIV-relate stigma and discrimination
  • to end all preventable deaths from HIV-related causes
  • to improve the health, quality of life and wellbeing of people living with HIV across the capital

Fast-Track Cities Scotland allows cities to work together to share best practice and learn from one another, through workshops, conferences and partnership working.

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