Monthly Archive: December 2022

Lord Provost & Colin Stewart

FTC Aberdeen & Grampian sign the updated declaration.

The Aberdeen Lord Provost Dr David Cameron and Colin Stewart, Chairman and Co-founder of Positive Voice Grampian signed the Paris Declaration that meant Cities and Municipalities Achieving Zero HIV-Related Stigma and the 95-95-95 Targets on a Trajectory towards Getting to Zero New HIV Infections and Zero AIDS-Related Deaths

Sinclair's Story

Make sure your understanding of HIV is up to date this World AIDS Day

Stigma persists around HIV because of outdated perceptions of the virus and what it means to be HIV positive today, writes Sinclair Laing. December 1 is World AIDS Day. Or World HIV Day, as we prefer. Stop: that’s not your cue to click away! It’s an important day of recognition, but it’s far from your preconceived story of doom and gloom. If I may indulge for a moment, I’ll tell you a little about me, a person living a long, healthy, fun, open, professional, loving, and very fulfilling life here in the Granite City – with HIV. Before being diagnosed a decade ago, I had those ideas of HIV misery that perpetuated. Most of us did, except the few better informed. When I was diagnosed, I went through all the emotions: swore (loudly), cried (a fair bit), feared, blamed and shamed myself. I thought I’d die young and never be loved. But,...

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